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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through some of our most frequently asked questions about SpecOps. We are here to serve you and welcome your questions or comments.


Do we only perform shredding services for businesses?
No, anyone can schedule an appointment to have their documents shredded.

When can documents be dropped off for shredding?
We no longer have a drop off location. We only do mobile shredding by appointment.

Do you perform "on-site" shredding?
Yes. That is the only way we do shredding.

How is the shredding performed?
All documents are fed through a crosscut shredder to Department of Defense standards.

Can we watch our documents being shredded on-site?
Yes, you may watch.

Do you provide proof that the confidential documents were shredded?
Yes, we can provide you with a "Certificate of Destruction" upon request.

Do we have to remove staples or metal clips from documents before we drop them off?
Staples and regular size paper clips are allowed to go through our shredder, so you do not need to remove those. Anything else must be removed. We cannot accept shredding material contaminated with metal, plastic, etc.